Nandamonium Double Drone w/ Echo Kit

Nandamonium Double Drone w/ Echo Kit

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This drone monster incorporates two 4093 Nand Synth circuits and one PT2399 Delay circuit.


- Two 4093 NAND Synth circuits, each with three tunable Oscillators and one Level control

- Delay Circuit: Control the Rate, Mix, and Feedback amount

- Warp momentary switch gives a bright, "small" speaker tone

- Blast momentary switch introduces feedback into the circuit momentarily. Great for adding rhythmic feedback and other strange sounds.

- Two SAG CV inputs, one per NAND synth. CV/On Switch allows selection of CV control or internal power control (1 switch per NAND synth).

- Components are PCB-mounted, saving time on wiring

- Comes with a pre-drilled rugged aluminum case

- Ballistic graphics

- Dual LED power indicator

- 1/4" jacks

- Requires a 9V center-negative BOSS style wall-wart (not included)

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