12V 5A AC Power Adapter / Brick

12V 5A AC Power Adapter / Brick

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Part Number:PS-12V5A
This product has been discontinued.

An AC Power Adapter with a screw-locking DC plug. The connector screws down to the Eurorack 5A Power Supply's DC jack, preventing noise interference when the cable is bumped.

AC input: 100-240V~, 1.6A, 50-60Hz

DC output: 12V, 5A

Center positive 2.5mm pin

This adapter is compatible with our Eurorack 5A Power Supply System and Power Lunch, but does NOT work with the Deluxe Power Module.  Comes with a 125V volex power cable, which will work in the US and some other countries.  If you are in Europe, etc. you can get a separate volex connector that will work in your country.  We don't carry international connecting cables, but you can find them easily on the web.

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