1590B Style Aluminum Project Box: B-Stock

1590B Style Aluminum Project Box: B-Stock

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Part Number:EN-A-1590B-BSTK

NOTE: Our pre-drilled "Seconds" are 50% off and come with any number of holes drilled in the top and/or sides of the enclosure. It's also possible that they will have stickers from past Synthrotek products (easily removed or covered). In exchange for a small cosmetic sacrifice, you can get a highly discounted enclosure for your new pedal, noise-box, etc. Note that the dimensions on the technical drawings may not be fully accurate.

Made of Diecast Aluminum, our 1590B drilled box comes with 4 screws and removable base plate. Bare aluminum finish ready for paint or stickers! This box is the same dimensions as the Hammond 1590B 4.37" X 2.37" X 1.07".

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