1599KTS Black Sloping Console Case

1599KTS Black Sloping Console Case

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This product has been discontinued.

Made with hard plastic, this box comes with 4 screws and a removable bottom piece. Smooth plastic surface ready for stickers! It is super easy to drill and the dimensions are 5.51" x 8.66". Height is 0.82" at the front and 1.83" at the rear.

Synthrotek kits that will fit in this case:

  • 4093 Nand Synth
  • Atari Punk Console
  • Clock Capture Module
  • Dev Board Delay
  • Passive Ring Modulator
  • Optical Theremin
  • 8-Step Sequencer
  • DS-8 Drum Synth

This case is also great to fit multiple kits together.

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