1U Eurorack Bracket Ears B-STOCK
With optional rails

1U Eurorack Bracket Ears B-STOCK

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Part Number:EB-1U-B

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Slide Nuts/Nut Strips
Module Screws
50 x 3mm Screws (+$3.00)
100 x 3mm Screws (+$5.00)
200 x 3mm Screws (+$10.00)
IMPORTANT INFO: These b-stock brackets are a little different from what is pictured: they will NOT screw into a 19" rack. The hole spacing for the rack screws is incorrect (1" instead of the proper 1.25"). However, many customers use the bracket ears outside of a 19" rack: in IKEA furniture, custom wood cases, etc. These brackets will work perfectly for a project like that! 

Additionally: The slots for the rail screws are a little taller than normal. They still work for both Intellijel and PulpLogic rail formats. To set the correct height, start by attaching the rails to the brackets, leaving them slightly loose. Screw a module into the rails (preferably one with four screws); this will set the correct rail height. Then tighten down the rail screws, and you're done! 

One bracket, two options! Our brackets can now be adjusted to fit either PulpLogic or Intellijel modules. The rails fasten in an oval shaped slot; widen the distance between the rails for PulpLogic, or move the rails closer together for Intellijel.

  • Brushed satin finish
  • Optional 84HP or 104HP rails and rail-mounting screws (the screws that thread into the rail ends), 3mm slide nuts (aka square nuts) and 3mm screws
  • Also available in 3U
  • Rack-mounting screws not included
Wondering how many slide nuts you will need? We recommend at least:
  • 40 per pair of 84HP rails
  • 50 per pair of 104HP rails
  • 60 per pair of 126HP rails
  • 90 per pair of 168HP rails

Please note: 
Synthrotek's Eurorack Bracket Ears only work with Synthrotek and Vector rails. Other manufacturers' rails will not work.
International shipments do not qualify for free shipping. For international customers, 126HP and 168HP rails require Priority Mail shipping because of their length. Please select Priority Mail at checkout.

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