4093 Chaos NAND
4093 Chaos NAND

4093 Chaos NAND

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The 4093 Chaos NAND is a wicked cool noise generator with a wide range of sonic potential! Low pulsing drones, robotic chaos, high-pitched laser sounds - it's all here in this small ballistic package ready for your gig!


- 4 Knobs and 2 Switches for ultimate control!  The Chaos Nand has 3 square wave oscillators: 1 main oscillator (OSC 3) and 2 sub-oscillators that can be turned on/off via the switch next their respective knob. The power switched can be engaged for hands-on knob tweaking or can be turned off allowing you to input control voltage via the 1/4î CV input. 

- CV Input allows for you to power your circuit off an external voltage source for tons of tones you never thought possible! Feed it ~+4V and let it starve or crank up the voltage to 12V for some serious output power! Use a step sequencer to vary the insanity!

- CV Switch lets you toggle between CV and Power Supply voltage. On/Off Switch kills the power to the circuit allows for a sick dive bomb / laser sound as the circuit discharges its stored voltage.

- 1/4" Jacks

- Requires a 2.1-2.5mm 9V center negative power supply of at least 50mA (not included). A Boss-style or one-spot adapter will work fine.  Or use a 9V battery instead, just remove the back of the case and install like a standard guitar pedal. 

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