Analog Drum Synth System Kit
Analog Drum Synth System Kit

Analog Drum Synth System Kit

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Build your own Analog Drum Synth System! The kit version comes with a Power Lunch (power already built and installed); all the modules come as kits.

The Analog Drum Synth System is perfect for making the beats.  The DS-M can replicate virtually any drum sound; with four, you can mimic a small drum kit, make acid beats, trance, all with the a warm analog sound.  Add some crunch with the DIRT Filter and some delay with the DLY Module and ECHO, and you have yourself a perfect drum machine. 

Housed in the Power Lunch. Includes a power brick.

Some great ways to use the Analog Drum System:

- Plug drum pads or an electronic drum kit into the DS-M trigger inputs, it makes a live electronic set more physically dynamic.
- Use a sequencer like the Arturia Beat Step Pro to trigger each DS-M. This is perfect for a solo act that needs synth drums, just set up a configuration and switch to a different instrument.


Please note: all Synthrotek system kits are made-to-order and will ship within a week of ordering.

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