AstroNoise Eurorack Kit
AstroNoise Eurorack Kit

AstroNoise Eurorack Kit

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The AstroNoise is a chiptune inspired drum machine! We added a Decay control and Trigger input to our original circuit for that excellent lofi video game drum sound. The LEDs behind the sun shape follow the decay cycle, adding some style to your setup.

When the Trigger input is not patched, the module functions as a droning oscillator. The Rate, which uses a custom-made spaceship knob, controls the master frequency. The two LFOs and the LFO Level modulate the base frequency and allow you to make rhythms, video game motorcycle sounds and more. The LFOs can be turned on or off with the OSC ON/OFF switch.

The AstroNoise whets your appetite further by letting you choose between 3 different radical vintage tones. Slight changes in timbre can be made in the tones by flicking the switch back and forth, giving a wider palette to play with.* Shape the galactic frequencies with beats, lead lines and noise swashes!


  • Tone Select Switch lets you choose between three sounds: oscillator, noise and sub-oscillator
  • Rate changes the master frequency/rate
  • CV over Rate (tracks 0-5V, not 1V/O)
  • Decay control and Trigger input
  • Amplitude of the output is relative to the voltage coming into the trigger input, allowing for a more dynamic output
  • Two LFOs with an LFO Level control
  • LFO On/Off switch
  • Trimmer on rear of module for attack cycle
  • Retro spaceship knob and panel design
  • Module width: 6HP
  • Module depth: 35mm
  • Power draw:
    • +12V: 130mA
    • -12V: 10mA

*Please note: The AstroNoise takes 5 seconds or so to warm up when turned on. If you don't hear any sound after a few seconds, toggle the tone switch back and forth a few times and it will come to life. It can also happen when toggling the tone switch after it is warmed up, but this has to do with the way the chips are interfacing with each other; just flip the switch to a different position and flip it back, and it will come back on!

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