AstroNoise PCB
AstroNoise PCB

AstroNoise PCB

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Attention: This is just the PCB! Does not come with any other parts.

The AstroNoise is a massive vintage video game-inspired noise-making machine! Shape the galactic frequencies with 4 onboard controls. The "Oscillator Rate" controls the master frequency. The two LFOs and the LFO pitch modulate that frequency and together allow you to make rhythms, video game motorcycle sounds and more.

The AstroNoise whets your appetite further by letting you choose between 3 different radical vintage tones. The adventurous user can use it to make beats, lead lines and noise swashes by connecting other devices into the LFO input and the Control Voltage input (optional). The fun doesn't end after building the circuit! Take your creative skills further by designing your own custom enclosure out of an old cigar box, lunch box, doll head, etc!


  • Tone Select Switch lets you choose between three classic sounds: bleeps and bloops, 8bit explosions and razor-edge squares
  • Oscillator Rate Control ("Rate" on the PCB) changes the master frequency and rate
  • LFO Rate 1 Control (OSC1)
  • LFO Rate 2 Control (OSC2)
  • LFO Pitch Control (OSC_LVL) 
  • Volume Control 
  • Oscillator On/Off switch (turns off LFO Rate 1/OSC1 and LFO Pitch/OSC_LVL)
  • LFO Input (OSC_IN): use for external control of LFO Rate 1 with an input of 1-150 Hz
  • Control Voltage (CV) input (disables LFOs)
  • Power on/off switch
  • 9V DC jack and battery clip
Please note: The AstroNoise takes 5 seconds or so to warm up when turned on. If you don't hear any sound after a few seconds, toggle the tone switch back and forth a few times and it will come to life. This only happens when it is first powered on.

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