Beat Crusher System
Beat Crusher System

Beat Crusher System

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PatchBox is a series of small Eurorack modular systems that are designed to accompany other standalone or computer-based audio hardware. These small curated systems are a perfect way to get started in modular without having to invest in more than you currently need. PatchBox systems are housed in Synthrotek’s own Bus Cheeks and are powered via our USB power supply. PatchBox systems can be powered via a portable battery, computer USB jack or USB wall dongle.

PatchBox 20 - Beat Crusher

The Beat Crusher system was designed to augment rhythm making devises such as drum machines, Pocket Operators, Volcas and DAWs. The DLY and Roboto are at the heart of the sound expansion and destruction. The OBEY module can ‘beat detect’ and send an envelope and gate (or clock) to the RND module which in turn can send well timed voltages to the DLY and Roboto. The clocks and random voltage and then be patched back into the drum machines clock input, resulting in unique and abstract beat production.

Housed in a Bus Cheeks with a USB Power. Includes USB to USB mini cable.

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