Bi-Translator System
Bi-Translator System

Bi-Translator System

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The Synthrotek Bi-Translator is a new mini 44HP synthesizer system available as a completely built and calibrated system or as a do-it-yourself-kit. This versatile a system lets your translate your artistic voice bi-coastally and really anywhere in between.

The Translator’s powerful multi-waveform sound generation starts with the two fully analog VCO modules. Paired with the two channels of the Low Pass Gate Module, the VCOs can operate as two independent voices or can be used together for deep complex modulation.

ADSR envelope generation is produced by the aptly named ADSR module which is a powerful-for-its-size 4HP module that produces the heartbeat functions and LFOs.
The RND module is compact power station of variable random voltages, setting time signatures and esoteric timing anomalies.

The Sequence 8 is provides simple to complex sequencing when combined with the RND and other control voltage producing variables.
The Bi-Translator System 44 takes on the best features of West Coast synthesis with its insistence on organic percussion. This takes shape in the advent of the precisely crafted Synthrotek Dual Low Pass Gate Module, the LPG. Ear and hand selected vactrols provide organic earth-toned sonic variations from paleo hand drums to skin stringed instruments and beyond to cathedral bells.

Expansive and unique signal processing is provided by the DLY delay module. The DLY, like its predecessor the ECHO, takes full potential of its digital and analog topography by pushing the edges of what delay can do. The DLY performs 50s-era slap back, traditional repeats and even caustic post-industrial clock degeneration.

The 1U Stereo Output Mixer allows for internal signal mixing but also doubles as a performance mixer that allows you to incorporate other electronic music gear into your set.

The system price is 10% off the regular price of the modules and Power Lunch!

Please note: all Synthrotek systems are made-to-order and will ship within two weeks of ordering.

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