Synthronomicon Promo Tee
Synthronomicon Promo Tee

Synthronomicon Promo Tee

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This promo tee was just too secret. It doesn't exist now, and never existed in the first place. ...Really, it's just no longer available.

Masons, Skull and Bones, Illuminati: these are a list of secret societies that are NOT as secret as the one you are about to join. 

For over 100 years Synthrotek Bros. & Co. has been practicing ritualistic synthesis. Here for your t-shirt wearing pleasure is a lithograph from the Synthronomicon.

Spend $99 or more and gain access to the inner circle. To ensure your induction, please select what size you want at the bottom of the checkout screen.

Ladies tees available upon request.

Limit: 1 per customer.

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