Bus Cheeks - Cheek Ends Only
Bus Cheeks - Cheek Ends Only

Bus Cheeks - Cheek Ends Only

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Please note: only the cheek ends are included here. These can still be screwed into the rails all by themselves.

Bus Cheeks are just what they sound like: cheek ends with bus boards built in on either side. There are enough 16-pin connectors to power thirteen modules, and there are LED indicators for each power rail. Just plug in a power module and you're all set!

Bus Cheeks will work with Synthrotek or Vector brand rails. If you purchase rails from us, you will also get slide nuts and a long 16-pin ribbon cable that runs from one cheek to the other (so that both cheeks light up and distribute power).

This circuit does require some tight soldering and a steady hand.

Please note: Bus Cheeks do not have an internal power supply; you will need to connect a power supply to them if you want to distribute power to your modules.

  • Supplies power for 13 modules* 
  • Max module depth: 70mm**
  • Power consumption (total for both ends):
    • +12V: 0.5mA
    • -12V: 0.5mA
    • +5V: 6.5mA

*There are 8 connectors on each cheek, but if you plug in a power supply module and run a bus cable between the cheeks, you end up with 13 usable connectors. If you need more connections, you can run one of our Deluxe Flying Bus Cables between the cheeks.

**Modules adjacent to the cheek ends have 15mm of clearance before hitting the red LED and 38mm of clearance before hitting a 16-pin connector. It's a great place for a 2HP passive module or anything shallow.

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