CHAOS NAND - Complete NAND Synth - w/CV or Trigger input

CHAOS NAND - Complete NAND Synth - w/CV or Trigger input

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This version of the 4093 Chaos NAND has been discontinued.  Check it out HERE!

The Chaos NAND Synth is a wicked cool noise generator with a wide range of sonic potential! Low pulsing drones, random robotic chaos, high-pitched laser sounds - it's all here in this small package.

4 Knobs and 4 Switches for ultimate control! Two gating oscillators can be switched on/off and varied. Pitch lets you determine the final output sound and Volume sets the output level.

CV Input allows for you to power your circuit off an external voltage source for tons of tones you never thought possible! Feed it ~+4V and let it starve or crank up the voltage to 12V for some serious output power! Use a step sequencer to vary the insanity!

CV Switch lets you toggle between CV and Power Supply voltage. On/Off Switch kills the power to the circuit allows for a sick dive bomb / laser sound as the circuit discharges its stored voltage.

The Chaos NAND Synth requires a power supply of at least 5V 200mA. 9V Battery Clip inside the enclosure accommodates a backup 9V Battery power source and a 2.1mm DC Jack lets you save money on batteries with an 5-12V >=200mA AC Adapter Power Supply (CENTER NEGATIVE polarity)

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