Clear Acrylic 6U Cheeks of POWER

Clear Acrylic 6U Cheeks of POWER

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Synthrotek's 6U clear acrylic Eurorack cheeks are handmade locally by Mr. S. Gorton in Portland, Oregon. 

Choose a rail length: 84HP, 104HP, 126HP or 168HP. Can be purchased with or without a Super Power.

Cheek Features:

  • Max module depth: 66mm
  • Rubber feet included
  • 3mm Slide nuts or 3mm threaded nut strips

Power Features (if you choose a powered option): 

  • Power Recommendations:*
  • Advanced low-noise, fully-regulated voltage converters on each rail
  • Over-current protection: shuts off each power rail automatically if modules use too much current on that rail
  • Two 16-Pin Eurorack power connectors, keyed for safety
  • Molex quick-release connector for easy install of Synthrotek Noise Filtering Distribution Boards
  • USB jack for powering an iPhone, Beat Step Pro, etc.
  • Includes power brick
  • Includes two Deluxe Flying Bus Cables with eleven 16-pin connectors each
  • Super Power module width: 4HP

Comes unassembled, some assembly required - but that keeps the shipping costs down! Acrylic cheeks may come with a removable covering; just peel it off.

*Wondering how much power your modules will need? Check out ModularGrid. You can add all your modules to a virtual case to find out your estimated power consumption. If you don't know how much power you'll need, we recommend going with Super Power BLUE.

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