EcoSkiff - Custom Size
EcoSkiff - Custom Size

EcoSkiff - Custom Size

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Rails (Pair)
Threaded Nut Strips (Pair)
Skiff Power Mini Lite (+$35.00)
Skiff Power Mini (+$60.00)
Skiff Power, 300mA (+$80.00)
Skiff Power, 750mA (+$100.00)
12V Power Brick (+$24.99)
Flying Bus Cable (+$14.99)
Daisy-Chain Power Cable (36") (+$4.99)
Assemble the case for me! (+$10.00)
Get the EcoSkiff at any length you need! See the ordering info below. 

EcoSkiff info:

EcoSynth is a small, portable Eurorack modular case solution, designed for your desktop! It's a practical solution designed to save your hard-earned cash for modules. If you're looking for a small desktop solution to augment other desktop electronic hardware, this is for you. If you need a larger case, EcoSkiff passes on the savings for more traditional size racks like 84HP and 104HP.

Features and specifications:
  • Over-current protection: shuts off each power rail automatically if modules use too much current on that rail
  • The skiff goes together with just a Phillips head screwdriver! 
  • Comes with 3mm slide nuts
  • Max module depth: 44mm
  • Max module depth above power supply: 33mm

Skiff Power Mini output:
  • +12V @ 1A
  • -12V @300mA or 750mA
  • 5V@ 150mA
  • Power connectors: 2 (plus optional flying bus cable)

Skiff Power output:
    • +12V @ 2A
    • -12V @300mA or @750mA
    • 5V@ 1.5A
    • Power connectors: 15
    • Daisy chains to another EcoSkiff, Skiff Power, Five Amp Power, or Schottkey DC

    Assembly required (but no soldering needed). View the assembly guide here.

    Requires a 12V 5A center positive power brick with a 5.5mm x 2.1mm tip.

    Ordering info:

    Minimum length: 20HP (4 inches or 10cm)
    Maximum length: 236HP (47.25 inches or 120cm)

    Measurement conversion: There are 5HP in one inch, so 0.2 inches equals 1HP. Converting is simple: 
    • From inches: inches x 5 = HP
    • From centimeters: (cm ÷ 2.54) x 5 = HP

    You don't have to convert measurements though! You can specify an exact length:

    Threaded nut strips:
    • Rails that are longer than 84HP will have two nut strips with slight gap between. 
    • Please note that our nut strips are cut one HP short. This gives a little wiggle room on either side of the rail, which is often needed. If you would prefer the full length, please make a comment at checkout.

    International customers: lengths over 117HP (118HP and longer) require Priority Mail shipping because of their length. Please select Priority Mail at checkout. Also, some countries have a maximum package length they will accept from USPS. For example, the UK will take a 60 inch package, but Australia will only take a 46 inch package. If you are an international customer purchasing rails longer than 168HP, please contact us to find out the max package size for your country. Or you can find out for yourself by looking at Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express options at the USPS website.

    Returns: Since this is a customized product, we do not offer returns for custom length EcoSkiffs.

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