Erica Synths Bassline Kit
Erica Synths Bassline Kit

Erica Synths Bassline Kit

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The Kit version of the Bassline contains all the components needed for the module, including ICs, knobs, power cable, etc.
Erica Synths DIY Bassline is a fully analogue synth voice module for ultimate acid basslines. It features highly stable AS3340-based VCO with three wave-forms, a filter inspired by Erica Synths Acidbox and a unique feature - transistor based suboscillator. Accent provides more expression to the bassline by adding volume and slightly opening the VCF.



  • Full analogue circuit
  • Great 1V/oct tracking
  • Simultaneous Triangle, Square and Master outputs
  • Accent
  • Transistor-based suboscillator
  • VCF and VCA decay envelopes
  • External VCO FM and VCF cutoff CV inputs



This is a comparably complex DIY project for experienced builders. We do not recommend this for beginners and ones without proper soldering and testing equipment.

Pitch rangeC0-C8
Audio output amplitude10Vptp
CV amplitude-5V -+ 5V
Panel width16HP
Module depth45mm
Power consumption80mA @+12V
40mA @-12V
View the visual bill of materials here.  Please note that we have made some slight changes from the original Erica Synths Github BOM for various reasons.
Download the bill of materials with Mouser numbers, the assembly guide and the schematic from the Github page. Use the .zip file, NOT the links to at the bottom of the page!

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