Erica Synths Modulator II PCBs, Panel and 1100CK2 IC

Erica Synths Modulator II PCBs, Panel and 1100CK2 IC

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Part Number:ES-MOD-PCB
Please note: this includes the PCBs, Panel and 1100CK2 IC only. No other parts are included. Please see the bill of materials link below to source the rest of the parts needed.
Erica Synths Modulator II is 35mm deep, skiff friendly, has solid mechanical construction and doesn’t require wiring.
The circuit comes with two logic boards, the Acid Noise and Modulator Noise boards. Only one can be used at a time, but they are on pin headers on the back of the module, so they can be easily swapped.  The zener-based Acid Noise board generates full spectrum white noise, while transistor-based Modulator Noise generator has a different tone. Just make sure the orientation is correct: the silkscreen text should be facing the same direction as the front panel.
The three options include:
  • PCBs: All PCBs, including Acid Noise and Modulator Noise boards, panel, and the 1100CK2 IC (hard to source)
  • Full Kit: All components needed for the module and Acid/Modulator boards, including ICs, knobs, power cable, etc.
  • Assembled Module: We build it for you, and we send both Acid and Modulator circuits fully built
See the visual BOM for a complete list of the parts included. Please note that we have made some slight changes from the original Erica Synths Github BOM for various reasons.



  • LFO with triangle and pulse wave outputs
  • Choice of transistor-based or Zener diode-based noise generator for massive, full spectrum white noise
  • S&H circuit based on high-quality 1100CK2 S&H chip
  • S&H CV and clock inputs


The Modulator II essentially is an LFO with simultaneous triangle and square wave outputs, clockable S&H with external CV input and noise source. A kit comes with two versions of noise generator – simple, transistor-based and more complex Zener diode-based one. The latest provides perfect, full spectrum white noise.

Technical specifications:

LFO output amplitude-5V…+5V
LFO frequency range0.1…20Hz (configurable)
Noise output level10Vptp
S&H CV input levelup to 20Vptp
Panel width 8HP
Module depth35mm
Power consumption27mA@+12V, 22mA@-12V

Download the bill of materials with Mouser numbers, the assembly guide and the schematic from the Github page. Use the .zip file, NOT the links to at the bottom of the page!

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