Erica Synths Output
Erica Synths Output

Erica Synths Output

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Part Number:ES-OUT-C
Output module allows you to interface your modular synth with external gear – mixers or other synths with commonly used 3.5mm stereo jack.
The three options include:
  • PCBs: The PCB and panel
  • Full Kit: All components needed for the module, including ICs, knobs, power cable, etc.
  • Assembled Module: Ready to go out of the box!


  • L and R inputs
  • 3.5mm stereo output jack
  • 3.5mm headphones jack
  • Headphones volume adjustment
  • Skiff-friendly design

To add to that, this module has high quality headphones preamp for monitoring your modular masterpieces. The module has L and R inputs, if you make stereo patches, but for mono patches R input is normalled to L input, so you automatically route the output to stereo mixer.

Technical specifications:

Audio output amplitudeline level (optionally adjustable)
Panel width  6HP
Module depth35mm
Power consumption20mA@+12V, 7mA@-12V

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