Erica Synths Polivoks Envelope Generator Kit
Erica Synths Polivoks Envelope Generator Kit

Erica Synths Polivoks Envelope Generator Kit

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The core of the Envelope Generator is borrowed from the famous Russian synth Polivoks.
The kit includes all components needed for the module, including the IC, knobs, power cable, etc.


  • Full ADSR envelope
  • Direct and inverted envelope outputs
  • Gated and independent looping modes
  • Gate delay (after Attack stage) output
  • Skiff-friendly design

Erica Synths significantly updated the schematics for this module - eurorack standard positive gates, envelope amplitude, inverted envelope output, looping feature (looping on gate on). Bonus feature Gate Delay – the module outputs delayed gate signal after Attack stage. Chain up several (4-5) Envelope Generators, each with delayed gate to create evolving polyphonic synth-like pads!

Technical specifications:

Envelope amplitude0…10V
Attack time0…3”
Decay time  0…12”
Sustain level0…10V
Release time0…12”
Power consumption23mA (+12V), 17mA (-12V)
Panel width8HP
Module depth30mm

View the visual bill of materials here. Please note that we have made some slight changes from the original Erica Synths Github BOM for various reasons.
Download the bill of materials with Mouser numbers, the assembly guide and the schematic from the Github page. Use the .zip file, NOT the links to at the bottom of the page!

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