Eurorack Rails - Cut to Length
Eurorack Rails - Cut to Length

Eurorack Rails - Cut to Length

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Please note: multiply the "Number of rail pairs" times "Length of each rail in HP"; enter that number into the "Quantity" box.

Make anything into a Eurorack case! These rails are cut to length for use in whatever DIY housing you like: a suitcase, coffee table or Grandma's meatloaf pan.*

To order: Enter the number of rail pairs needed in the "Number of rail pairs" box. Enter the length in the "Length of each rail in HP" box. Multiply these together and add that number to the Quantity box.

For example:
      Number of rail pairs: 2
      Length of each rail in HP: 62HP
      Quantity: 124

Measurement conversion: There are 5HP in one inch, so 0.2 inches equals 1HP. Converting is simple: 
  • From inches: inches x 5 = HP
  • From centimeters: cm ÷ 2.54 x 5 = HP

If you need 60, 84, 104, 126 or 168HP, they are cheaper here.

Sold in pairs. 
Minimum length: 20HP
Maximum length: 300HP

Four 10-24 x 1" mounting screws are included (to screw the rails into your case), but nothing else is included. Need brackets? Slide nuts? Module screws? Get them here.

International customers: Eurorack rails cut to lengths over 117HP (118HP and longer) require Priority Mail shipping because of their length. Please select Priority Mail at checkout. Also, some countries have a maximum package length they will accept from USPS. For example, the UK will take a 60 inch package, but Australia will only take a 46 inch package. If you are an international customer purchasing rails longer than 168HP, please contact us to find out the max package size for your country. Or you can find out for yourself by looking Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express options at the USPS website.

Returns: Since this is a customized product, we do not offer returns for rails cut to length.

*Synthrotek rails are not certified as food safe and should not be used for cooking, baking, etc (shredding ok).

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