Eurorack Rails
Eurorack Rails

Eurorack Rails

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3mm Slide Nuts: A la Carte
50 Slide Nuts (+$3.50)
100 Slide Nuts (+$7.00)
200 Slide Nuts (+$14.00)
Module Screws
50 x 3mm Screws (+$3.00)
100 x 3mm Screws (+$6.00)
200 x 3mm Screws (+$12.00)
Build your own case! Sold in pairs. Mounting screws (to screw the rails into your case) are included (the screw size is 10-24 x 1). Rails qualify for free US shipping (on orders over $99)!

Wondering how many slide nuts you will need? We recommend at least one slide nut per 4HP:
  • 30 per pair of 60HP rails
  • 42 per pair of 84HP rails
  • 52 per pair of 104HP rails
  • 64 per pair of 126HP rails
  • 84 per pair of 168HP rails
Or STUFF your rails with slide nuts! Threaded nut strips won't allow you to close gaps between modules, which means you lose valuable HP. Stuffed rails eliminate those gaps for a fraction of the price of nut strips. (Note that it is important to leave a small gap so that you can slide modules around and close the gaps. One inch per 84HP of space is about right.)

Stuffed rails have:
  • 112 slide nuts per pair of 60HP rails (56 per rail)
  • 164 slide nuts per pair of 84HP rails (82 per rail)
  • 200 slide nuts per pair of 104HP rails (100 per rail)
  • 246 slide nuts per pair of 126HP rails (123 per rail)
  • 328 slide nuts per pair of 168HP rails (164 per rail)

Need a drilling template to mount these in a custom case? Download one here!

Please note:
Assembly required. STUFFED slide nuts do not come pre-stuffed.
For international customers, 126HP and 168HP rails require Priority Mail shipping because of their length. Please select Priority Mail at checkout.
*International shipping not included.

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