Eurorack Power Distribution Board - DIY Kit

Eurorack Power Distribution Board - DIY Kit

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Synthrotek's own Power Distribution Bus board: hand-assembled by you!

The Synthrotek Eurorack Power Supply Distribution Board is perfect for your DIY Eurorack modular case project. Distro board has all 3 power rails (-12, +12, +5) and indicator LED per rail. Each rail also has its own ground connection. Distro board can be cut down to desired length, which will not damage the distribution board. -12 stripe indicator in the silkscreen allows for greater safety when using unshrouded connectors. 

Comes with 17 Eurorack power connections. Board measures approximately 15 3/8'' x 1 3/8''. Please note that this is different from our newer Noise Filtering Power Distribution Boards.

These boards can easily connect to Super Power or Case Power with a Molex Adapter Cable, which has a molex connector on one end and bare wire on the other.

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