FACE THE FUZZ - Boutique Clone Pedal

FACE THE FUZZ - Boutique Clone Pedal

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Germanium Transistors

This product has been discontinued as a completed version, but it is still available as a kit or PCB!

Synthrotek has painstakingly dialed in the best possible tone for a fuzz face clone. We use NOS AC128 Germanium Transistors - to give that classic chunk you are looking for. Jimi Hendrix used this style of pedal, creating his original sound. The PCB is set up to add a stomp box switch with ease and true bypass. Sick ballistic graphics, and as always MADE IN THE USA!!!

  • Red LED indicator
  • inner trim-pot for transistor biasing
  • volume pot
  • FUZZ pot
  • Accepts 9V Battery or 9V CENTER POSITIVE power adapter (2.1mm, not included). This pedal uses PNP NOS Germanium transistors that are powered by the negative rail, so please do not daisy chain your power supply to this pedal. Power it via battery or BY ITSELF ONLY with a separate 9V CENTER POSITIVE wall wart
We at Synthrotek strive to bring our customers the highest quality sounding guitar pedals at the best available price. In doing so, we try to find the germanium transistors best suited and matched to fit our circuit possible. This ensures that you will end up with a pedal you will love for a long time. We offer genuine matched transistors, in a standard gain, high gain, and split gain option. The gain option has a gain 89 hfe and below, the high gain option is 90 hfe and above, and the split gain option will come with one transistor above 100 hfe, and one in the range of 70-90 hfe. When tested, the transistors are matched in pairs that differ no more than 5 points apart, (unless you select the "1 High and 1 Low" option) The higher gain of the two transistors, if they are different values, will be marked with a black top. Unfortunately due the rarity of the higher gain transistors, we have to charge a little more for them.

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