Harben Audio Germanium Fuzz - Vintage AC128 Fuzz

Harben Audio Germanium Fuzz - Vintage AC128 Fuzz

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Germanium Fuzz ñ Classic 60's Fuzz Face Clone 

- Dark sounding, musical fuzz that cleans up well with volume control on guitar

- Utilizes two carefully selected AC128 germanium transistors like the original

- Bias trim pot on inside

- Circuit modified to accept a standard 9vdc center negative AC adapter, and is able to daisy chain with other pedals, which is unique to the Harben version of this circuit.

- Accepts standard 9v center-negative DC power supply (not included)

*NOTE* This adaptation creates low frequency oscillation when the volume of the guitar is rolled all the way off which is a trade-off we think is well worth it.

Like all Harben products, the Germanium Fuzz is hand assembled by humans in Portland, Oregon.

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