Harben Audio Good Vibe - Optically Driven Vibrato

Harben Audio Good Vibe - Optically Driven Vibrato

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This product has been discontinued.

Harben Audio's original take on the classic Magnatone vibrato.  This optical vibrato uses two vactrols in an analog circuit for lush and smooth shifting.

- True pitch shifting vibrato
- Modulation controlled by two Vactrol optocouplers
- Asymmetrical LFO creates whooshing Leslie or Magnatone-type response
- True bypass
- Accepts standard 9v center-negative DC power supply (not included)

Like all Harben products, the Good Vibe is hand assembled by humans in Portland, Oregon.

Please note: The Good Vibe is very sensitive to the power grid it is plugged into; if you experience noise, try the 9V battery connection.

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