Harben Audio Octave Fuzz
Harben Audio Octave Fuzz

Harben Audio Octave Fuzz

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Harben Audio Octave Fuzz - Based on the 70's Univox Super Fuzz, the Harben Audio Octave Fuzz delivers truck loads of tonal destruction in this modern update to the classic design. The Octave Fuzz takes your guitar signal, amplifies it, splits it into two out-of-phase signals, then rams them back together through two Germanium clipping diodes and a bit if a caustic equalizer. The resulting sound is aggressive (as it should be) and classic 70's Fuzz! 

On the face of the Octave Fuzz pedal are Balance and Expand knobs, a switch to "Scoop" your sound, and a True Bypass Footswitch. An internal potentiometer allows you to adjust your Octave Fuzz to your taste. Pedal artwork designed by Portland artist Robbie Augspurger.

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