Harben Audio Solenodon - LM308 Bubonic Distortion

Harben Audio Solenodon - LM308 Bubonic Distortion

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Solenodon - LM308 Bubonic Distortion, with more control.

- LM308 opamp like the original

- Added R-Tone knob controls upper harmonic "shred" frequencies

- Four switchable clipping diodes (two silicone and two germanium), offers many different combinations and sounds. The two silicone diodes will sound like the classic version, the two germanium diodes will give a buzzsaw type sound, and one of each selected will give harmonic laden asymmetrical clipping. Or don't select any of them and use the pedal as a clean boost/eq or to overdrive the op amp.

- True bypass

- Accepts standard 9vdc power supply (not included)

Like all Harben products, the Solenodon is hand assembled by humans in Portland, Oregon.

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