LT1013CP Op Amp
LT1013CP Op Amp

LT1013CP Op Amp

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The LT1013CP is used in the MST VCO.

The LT1013 is the first precision dual op amp in the 8-pin industry standard configuration, upgrading the performance of such popular devices as the MC1458/MC1558, LM158 and OP-221. The LT1013’s specifications are similar to (even somewhat better than) the LT1014’s.

The LT1013x devices are dual precision operational amplifiers, featuring high gain, low supply current, low noise, and low-offset-voltage temperature coefficient. The LT1013x devices can be operated from a single 5-V power supply; the common-mode input voltage range includes ground, and the output can also swing to within a few millivolts of ground. Crossover distortion is eliminated. The LT1013x can be operated with both dual ± 15-V and single 5-V supplies. The LT1013CP is characterized for
operation from 0°C to 70°C. 

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