M/DIV PCBs, Panel and IC
M/DIV PCBs, Panel and IC

M/DIV PCBs, Panel and IC

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Part Number:PCB-M-MDIV
Please note: this rendition of the M/DIV includes the PCBs, panel and programmed ATMEGA IC only. You will need to source the rest of the parts yourself. Please see the Assembly Instructions link at the bottom of the page for a complete list of parts.

The M/DIV is a CV-controlled dual clock multiplier/divider with tap tempo, ideal for complex generative patching, sequencer timing and unique rhythm generation. The M/DIV has three clock outputs: a master clock and two multiplied or divided clocks. Each channel can do either multiplication or division with the flip of a switch.

  • Two clock channels, each capable of multiplying and dividing clocks
  • 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 or 16 multiplications/divisions
  • Tap tempo
  • Master clock input and output
  • CV over number of multiplications/divisions
  • Clock reset jack
  • Module width: 4HP
  • Module depth: 55mm
  • Current draw:
    • +12V: 28mA
    • -12V: 2mA
Please note: Because of tolerances, the slide pot may not exactly match the numbers on the panel.

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