Modular PT2399 Delay (16mm) Kit

Modular PT2399 Delay (16mm) Kit

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This product has been discontinued.

Attention: This product does not come with a Panel

Attention: For any assembly, please allow 5 to 10 business days prior to shipment.

We have here an early release of our PT2399 Delay that will be for Eurorack and Fractional rack cases. This product will be a limited release because the pin layout on the PCB was designed for larger potentiometers than what we want our final product to have, but other than that and two capacitors being located closer to each other than we would like, it functions perfectly!

Because this is a limited release and has incorrectly sized potentiometers we will not be designing a panel to go with it. We will in the future be releasing our finalized design of the Modular PT2399 Delay that will have smaller pots, better positioning of components, and come with a Eurorack panel.


  • 3 potentiometer controls - Delay Length, Mix, and Feedback ñ to customize your sound. Delay Length adjust your delay from fast slapback echo to long dub-style repeats, Mix allows you to set the wet/dry portions of the signal, Feedback gives you total control over the number of repeats, even allowing infinite repeats.
  • The PT2399 Echo IC was designed to mimic old-school analog BBD delay with modern digital sampling technology. Repeats degrade at higher delay lengths, resulting is a very natural well-filtered reproduction of your synth/guitar tone.
  • Powered either by Doepfer style 16-pin header connection +12V or Fractional power at +15V

Included but not pictured: 5" 16-Pin notched Eurorack Power cable.

Please Note: The Potentiometers on this PCB are wired in reverse and the action is reflected in reverse

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