Radio Music PCB and Panel
Radio Music PCB and Panel

Radio Music PCB and Panel

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This item has been discontinued. You can get the same product with a different panel though! Check it out HERE.

Attention: This only comes with the PCB and the Panel! Does not come with any other items.

Radio Music is not a radio. It is a sample player that behaves like a radio.

A digital way to simulate radio-powered compositions by John Cage, Karlheinz Stockhausen and Don Buchla's voltage-controlled radio experiments. It uses a teensy3.1 to play files from a SD card to simulate a voltage controlled AM/FM/Shortwave/Time Travel radio.

It is designed to be a source of unexpected audio, not a drum loop player or a sample mangler.

Like a radio, this module works on a series of banks and stations. Each of the 16 banks can contain many different stations. Each station is .raw audio file stored in a bank directory on the SD card. Choose a bank by pressing and holding the RESET switch. Choose a station by turning the STATION knob or plugging a voltage into TUNE.

  • Up to 32gb storage, 16 banks of 75 channels each
  • Files stored as headerless .raw wav files
  • Customise the module by editing settings.txt

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