Spring Reverb PCB and Panel
MTM Spring Reverb (shown with the two panel options)

Spring Reverb PCB and Panel

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This item has been discontinued. We have a similar one though! It's the same as the Spring Reverb, just with a different panel. Check it out HERE.

Attention: This only comes with the PCB and the Panel! Does not come with any other items.

Spring Reverb is a flexible, easy-to-build voltage controlled DIY mono spring reverb module. Traditional guitar reverbs are tuned to the sound of the guitar and the amplifier it is played through. This circuit is different; designed to be relatively clean and high-fi, with a lot of bass response. It can also be abused and driven into (externally patched) feedback.

The (optional, digital) Brick draws a considerable amount of current from +12V. measured at 75mA for the whole module. With just the spring, current draw is 25mA on both rails.

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