Nandamonium PCB - Eurorack
Nandamonium PCB - Eurorack

Nandamonium PCB - Eurorack

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Please note: this includes the PCB and panel only. You will need to source the rest of the parts yourself.

Low pulsing drones, dive bombs and high-pitched laser sounds! This drone monster has six square wave oscillators with a delay, essentially combining two 4093 NAND Synths and one Cosmic ECHO.

The Nandamonium has two SAG CV inputs. When the CV jack is patched and the switch is toggled to "CV," the NAND circuit is powered directly by the incoming voltage. Beyond controlling pitch, the incoming CV can also be used to create lofi rhythmic effects.

Dial in your drone with the Nandamonium!


  • Six tunable square wave oscillators and two level controls
  • Delay rate, mix, and feedback controls, with touch control over the rate and mix
  • Warp switch: adds a bright, "small" speaker tone
  • Blast switch: introduces max feedback into the circuit momentarily, great for adding rhythm and strange sounds
  • Two SAG CV inputs, one per NAND synth
  • CV/On Switch allows selection of CV control or internal power control (1 switch per NAND synth)
  • 3.5mm jacks
  • Housed in an aluminum case
  • Module width: 38HP
  • Module depth: 22mm
  • +12V current draw: 15mA


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