NANO-12 Eurorack Power Supply

NANO-12 Eurorack Power Supply

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5V Converter

This product has been discontinued.

Synthrotek's Nano-12 Power Supply is the perfect way to kickstart your Eurorack experience.  It comes with one of our 10-connection Deluxe Flying Bus Cables and a power brick, everything you need to get started.

The Nano-12 features a TDK 250mA -12 Converter, perfect for 3U systems that do not require more than 250mA of current draw. This system is ideal for a 3Ux84HP setup. (but please, always consult the manuals for your modules to make sure you do not need more than this.)

For maximum flexibility, this power supply kicks out all 3 rails (-12, +12, +5). There are 4 mounting holes on the perimeter of the PC board. 12V 5A power brick included.

Some specs:

+12 @ 3.25A
-12 @ 250mA
+5 @ 1.5A

5V converter is optional since not all modules require 5V.  If the +5V converter is not purchased, then there will be no +5V rail in your power supply.

Input Voltage Range: +12VDC +/-5%
Output Voltage: +12VDC / -12VDC / +5VDC

Max Output Current +12V:
+/- 5% regulation
3.25A Max
84% efficiency
Short Circuit Protection
FCC Class B
EN55022 Class B

Max Output Current 'TDK 250mA' -12V:
250mA Max
Extensive self-protection shut down features
Certified to UL60950-1, CSA60950-1, EN60950-1, CE Mark
Output current limiting with automatic recovery, shutdown CC15, 25 type

Max Output Current +5V:
+/- 4% regulation
1.5A Max
90.5% efficiency
Short Circuit Protection

Make sure to consult the owner's manuals of your modules in order to make sure you are not trying to pull more amps than are available with this power supply. 

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