Waterproof 104HP 6U + 1U Portable Eurorack Case
Waterproof 104HP 6U + 1U Portable Eurorack Case

Waterproof 104HP 6U + 1U Portable Eurorack Case

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Power Output
Slide Nuts / Threaded Nut Strips
Power Panel
1U Rail Position
1U Rail Format
Padded Shoulder Strap (+$17.00)
100 x 3mm Screws (+$6.00)

Keep your gear dry and patches plugged in! This rugged, road-ready case is perfect for your next tour.

The lid depth is 2.5 in (6.3cm), so there's enough space for you to close up the case with all your patches still plugged in. The lid is quickly removable and held in by grenade-style hinge pins. The case will stand up on its own vertically or lay flat on a table.

We can position the 1U section in the middle, at the top next to handle, or at the bottom near the hinges. Most people prefer putting it in the middle as 1U rows are often used for mults and mixers.

STUFF your rails with slide nuts! Threaded nut strips won't allow you to close gaps between modules, which means you lose valuable HP. Stuffed rails eliminate those gaps for a fraction of the price of nut strips. (Note that it is important to leave a small gap so that you can slide modules around and close the gaps. One inch per 84HP of space is about right.)

If you choose the powered version, the case comes with a Case Power, power brick and a Noise Filtering Power Distribution Board. These will provide power connections for 35 modules. 

Multiple power options to fit your needs and budget:

  • Wheels and extendable handle
  • Outside Dimensions: 23.96" x 16'' x 10.1" (60.86cm x 40.64cm x 25.65cm)
  • Inside Dimensions: 22.46" x 13.88" x 8.49" (57.05cm x 35.26cm x 21.56cm)
  • Lid Depth: 2.5'' (6.3cm) 
  • Lightweight at only 16.85 pounds (7.64 kg) 
  • Max Module Depth: 152mm
  • 3U or 1U power entry panel
  • Available Colors:
    •  Black
    •  Gunmetal Gray
    •  Safety Yellow (OSHA)
Please note: Cases are made-to-order. Expect a 5-7 business day delay before shipment.

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