Random Sequencer PCB, Panel and IC
Random Sequencer PCB, Panel and IC

Random Sequencer PCB, Panel and IC

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Part Number:RKM-PCB-RS
Please note: this includes the PCB, panel and programmed IC only. You will need to source the rest of the parts yourself using the bill of materials.

The Random Sequencer generates quantized random or 8 or 16 step randomly generated sequences, which is great for quickly (and musically) starting a patch, augmenting a patch, and performing live! It generates quantized voltages between 0 and +4V. In the sequencer modes, the module repeats the last 8 or 16 randomly generated steps as a sequence. In addition to being used as a random module, it also doubles as a master clock generator, ranging from 8ms to 50 seconds.

  • Random mode select jack: selects fully random, 16-step sequence or 8-step sequence
  • Clock rate control
  • Clock reset jack: resets the clock when it receives a +5V pulse, useful for syncing with external clocks
  • CV over clock rate (additive)
  • Clock and random CV outputs

  • Random voltage generator range: 0 to +4V
  • Clock speed: 8ms to 50 seconds
  • Module width: 4HP
  • Module depth: 21mm
  • Power consumption:
    • +12V: 20mA
    • -12V: 0mA

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