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Fully assembled, the 'Space Drum Synth' takes the cake with so many sound options. The DS-8 was originally designed by Coron in the 80′s to be mounted on to a drum to in order to produce synth percussion sounds. Similar to the DS-7, which contained a VCO +VCA chain. The LFO modulated the VCO and the decay envelope is triggered by a piezo cell. The Decay Pot is really a release and the VCA is controlled by the LFO. The DS-8 added a colored noise generator with a balance pot, which allows more hi-hat and snare 'sounds' to be achieved.

  • Trigger input (use your drum machine or any trigger device to keep in time)
  • CV input (check out the demo on how this works with out 16 step sequencer)
  • TAKES 2.1-2.3 CENTER NEGATIVE 9V AC Adapter
  • 2 noise color options with pan
  • volume adjustment
  • VCO, MODE, RATE, SWEEP, DECAY and Sensitivity
  • BUILT IN PIEZZO CELL, drum right on the case to use as a portable drum pad!

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