Spectra Symbol Soft Potentiometer
Spectra Symbol Soft Potentiometer

Spectra Symbol Soft Potentiometer

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The SoftPot membrane potentiometer is a resistive element. It comprises a conductive resistor, a sealed encasement and a simple wiper assembly.

The SoftPot is a three-wire system with two resistive output channels and an electrical collector channel. The SoftPot potentiometer is a linear sensing device used for tracking position and acquiring the preferred output in a variety of applications. It comes in lengths of 50mm, 100mm or 200mm and offers a low form factor of less than 0.5mm, making it the thinnest linear sensor available today. It is also economical and easy to use. You can simply mount it on a surface and activate it using a spring-loaded wiper.

The SoftPot works in multiple configurations, such as linear, serpentine, and elliptical. It operates in temperatures ranging from -45°C to 50°C and is ideal for products that need a sealed sensor with a tight form factor. It’s no wonder it became a popular option for clients in the medical, dental, and robotics industry. The SoftPot is also a versatile sensor that can operate by human touch. It can provide the desired linear output regardless of the shape of the product it’s attached to. A membrane potentiometer can also function as a voltage divider.

SoftPots are 10k linear (B10k). 

The datasheet can be found here.

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