Tsyklon Labs "Chaos Divider Sputnik" DIY Kit (Partial)
Tsyklon Labs 'Chaos Divider Sputnik' DIY Kit (Partial)

Tsyklon Labs "Chaos Divider Sputnik" DIY Kit (Partial)

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In Russian, SPUTNIK means “Companion” – and that is exactly what the CHAOS DIVIDER SPUTNIK module is. A companion, or more accurately, an expander module for the CHAOS DIVIDER:

Want to change your CHAOS DIVIDER clock divider into a frequency divider? Flip the “Division” switch, Comrade! Would you rather have twice as many clock outputs and go half as deep with the divisions? The “Split” switch was added just for you. Do you need Gate outputs instead of Trigger outputs? There is a switch for that too. There is also a front panel control and a CV input for dialing in Gate Length.

Can you keep a secret, Compai? Each CHAOS DIVIDER comes with a 4HP blue acrylic place holder panel. Our shpiony report that this place holder is nearly identical to the CHAOS DIVIDER SPUTNIK panel. So you can use the place holder to save 4HP in your rack for the CHAOS DIVIDER SPUTNIK, or, if you are an enterprising Udarnik, you can use the place holder panel to make your own CHAOS DIVIDER SPUTNIK! #diyforthepeople

Technical Specifications:
– 129.4mm (5.095″) Front Panel Height (3U Eurorack format)
– 4HP Module Width
– 29mm Module Depth
– Power Consumption: +12V = 0mA, -12V = 0mA, +5V = 0mA

Front panel graphics were designed by the inimitable Hannes Pasqualini @ Papernoise

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