Mean Screamer PCB
Mean Screamer PCB

Mean Screamer PCB

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Attention: This is just the PCB! Does not come with any other parts. Please see the Bill of Materials link to find out what parts you will need to build the circuit.

Synthrotek's original Mean Screamer Pedal goes way beyond a typical tube screamer clone with a couple of great mods. We are using an original 4558 OP-AMP IC to give it that beautiful classic boost.

  • The Brown tone mod adds EXTRA BEEF and Chunk!
  • High End Boost Mod - Adds extra high end that sticks out in solos, etc.
  • No Pop - a former version of the Mean Screamer had a loud pop when the foot switch was pressed; no longer!
  • Hand-wire or PCB-mount the board (there are different assembly instructions and bills of materials for each):
    • The PCB-mount version is designed to fit perfectly in a pre-drilled 1590B case
    • The wired version lets you put it in any case you like
  • Reverse polarity protection: if you plug in a center positive adapter, you won't fry the circuit
  • Takes a standard BOSS style 9V Center Negative AC Adapter with a 2.1mm barrel (not included)

Why have two different versions? The PCB-mount and wired versions of the PCB use the same circuit and sound the same.  

The PCB-mount version:

  • takes less time for an experienced builder;
  • fits in a smaller case and takes up less room on a pedal board.
The wired version:
  • is easier to repair and solder and is recommended for new builders;
  • can be used in a custom case;
  • uses metal audio jacks instead of plastic.

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