Verb DIY Kit
Verb DIY Kit

Verb DIY Kit

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The Synthrotek Verb is a reverb module like no other. This PT2399 unit offers a warm tape-saturated spring reverb sound, but the added flair of subtle modulation truly makes it shine. The input gain knob drops the input amount back to give cathedral-like sounds when the mix is high. Turn the modulation knob manually for pitch bends; patch in a slow LFO or envelope CV to emulate pitch bends reminiscent of a tape echo with a broken capstan. The mix knob is a very fast-responding cross fader circuit which allows audio rate inputs for further FM-like modulation. Add a subtle amount of reverb or crank the mix past 3 o'clock to knock the reverb signal into the rails.

  • CV in over MOD and MIX
  • Buffered Input and Output
  • CV In for the MIX is additive to the knob.
  • Very low signal DC offset at -0.073V
  • Trimmer to adjust input gain.
  • Current Draw:
    • 18mA @ -12V
    • 87mA @ +12V
    • 0mA @ +5V
  • Width: 4hp
  • Depth: 54mm ( 2.13in )

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