Voice of Saturn Sequencer MOD Kit
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Voice of Saturn Sequencer MOD Kit

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This product has been discontinued.

Please note: this Mod is now included in our Voice of Saturn Sequencer Kit and does not need to be purchased separately.  We are offering this Mod for anyone who has purchased the sequencer previously.

On the original Voice of Saturn Sequencer, when using an external clocking source (i.e. a gate or trigger signal) the sequence advanced according to the falling edge of the input signal.  This Mod changes it to the rising edge of the input signal and offers some other power options if desired.

It mounts on standoffs (included) on the back of the VoS board.  The assembly instructions for the board are now included at the end of the standard Voice of Saturn assembly instructions (link below).

There are now 4 different power options, choose yours below. The connector we are calling "Modcan" is a 3 pin MTA 0.100, but we have been informed that the expected size should be a 3 pin MTA 0.156.  If you have a standard Modcan cable, you will need an adapter for our connection to work.  You can also use a 3-pin Modcan to 4-pin MOTM adapter cable.  

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