Hey!  Thanks for taking to time to see who we are and what we are all about. 

Mission Statement:

It is the Mission of Synthrotek to provide quality products and DIY kits to audio electronic enthusiasts and to empower them with resources to use them and make them.


Synthrotek started in Seattle in late 2009 as both a business and a passion.  Steve started building his own small synths by taking laser paper, acid, and an iron and etching his own boards. It occurred to him that other folks might want to do the same thing, but with much less hassle. He recruited a couple locals to help design the projects that he was working on.  The Atari Punk Console was their first completed project.

Since then, we have been adding more projects, kits and completed units to help scratch the itch of noise and electronic music fiends.  We are now located in Idaho and share in a wonderful community of musicians, electronics geeks, noise heads, synth freaks, and modular nuts. 

Synthrotek: Classic Noise.

Contact us:

503-417-1130 (M-F 9-5:30 PST)