AS3340 IC
AS3340 IC

AS3340 IC

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Alfa's AS3340 IC in DIP format. View the data sheet here.

The AS 3340 and AS 3345 are completely self contained, precision voltage controlled oscillators, featuring both exponential and linear control scales and up to four buffered output waveforms: triangle, sawtooth, square, and pulse with voltage controllable pulse width. Full temperature compensation makes these VCOs extremely stable, and eliminates the need for a temperature compensation resistor. The highly accurate exponential and linear control inputs are virtual ground summing nodes, allowing multiple control voltages to be mixed within the device itself.

- Large Sweep Range: 50,000:1 min
- Fully Temperature Compensated
- Four Output Waveforms Available; No waveform trimming required
- Summing Node Inputs for Frequency Control
- High Exponential Scale Accuracy
- Low Temperature Drift
- Voltage Controlled Pulse Width
- Hard and Soft Sync Inputs
- Linear FM
- Buffered, Short Circuit Protected Outputs
- ±15 Volt Supplies

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