Business Card Sequencer V2 IC
Business Card Sequencer V2 IC

Business Card Sequencer V2 IC

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Part Number:D6-BCS-V2IC
At long last, v2 firmware for the Business Card Sequencer has arrived!  Nothing has changed about the sequencer hardware except that v2 uses a different microcontroller IC (PIC16F1788; the old one was full).  To upgrade, simply swap out the chip.

Here are some of the new features you have to look forward to:
  • 7 sequence memories
  • 5 song memories (string sequences together)
  • SLUR- change pitch between steps without firing gate
  • Variable gate timing (including ratcheting)
  • ACC can be set to drop or not drop between steps, or follow gate timing for that step
  • Auto-advance step when programming
  • Live transpose (use the keyboard to shift entire sequence up or down while running)
  • Live edit (buttons you push while running get saved to the sequence)
  • 1X mode
  • Clock out (use ACC out jack to output clock if using internal clock)

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