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SCHOTTKEY excellence in a simple and powerful Eurorack power supply module. The Schottkey DC module comes in 30W and 45W versions of ultra clean power intended to power multiple rows. The 30W version can power 1-2 rows; the 45W version can power 2-3 rows.* 

Use one power brick for multiple power modules.  You can connect flying-bus cables or use the Molex connector on the rear to connect to Synthrotek style bus boards.  The USB power connector on the front of the module allows for powering external 5V USB electronics.

Buy our power-rated safe bricks, or use your own bricks. You will need a 12V center positive brick with enough watts to match or exceed wattage of the module(s).

30W Version: powers 1-2 rows (PINK COLORED LEDS)
+12 @ 1.5A (can deliver more, but a good match for the available negative voltage)
-12 @ 750mA
+5V@ 1.5A

45W Version: powers 2-3 rows (BLUE COLORED LEDS)
+12 @ 2.5A
-12 @ 1.25A
+5V @ 1.5A

*Depending upon how much your modules draw

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