Erica Synths DIY System
Erica Synths DIY System

Erica Synths DIY System

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An 84HP two-VCO modular system with 53 patch points that go well beyond classic monosynths. This is not just a Polivoks clone!

The system price is 10% off the regular price of the modules and Skiff Boat!

DIY module system includes:
  • DIY MIDI-CV emulates classical monophonic and duophonic synth behaviour.
  • DIY Modulator essentially is LFO with simultaneous triangle and square wave outputs, clockable S&H with external CV input and noise source.
  • DIY Polivoks-inspired VCO with simultaneous triangle, ramp and pulse wave outputs, sync and PWM CV inputs. In VCO’s exponential converter we use the original matched transistor IC that was used in Polivoks.
  • DIY Mixer is a simple, straight-forward audio mixer that is an essential part of any modular setup.
  • DIY Polivoks VCF is famous for its’ crazy resonance sweeps and deep, bassy sound, that makes it ideal for acid basslines. A kit comes with two K140UD12 opamps that were used in the original Polivoks.
  • DIY Polivoks-inspired looping ADSR Envelope Generator with gate delay, direct and inverted envelope outputs.
  • DIY Polivoks-inspired VCA - two differential opamp-based VCAs in series each for LFO and ADSR control over signal amplitude independently; it can be used as dual VCA as well. Kit comes with two K118UD1 differential opamp ICs.
  • DIY Output module allows you to interface modular system with external gear via 3,5mm stereo jack and monitor compositions on headphones.
  • Synthrotek 84HP Skiff Boat. Whether purchased as a kit or a fully built system, the power circuit will be pre-built and ready to use.
Module bundle 84HP = MIDI-CV, Modulator, 2xVCO, Mixer, VCF, 2xEG, VCA, Output

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