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Have you experienced the long, frustrating nights of smoke-filled rooms, patch cables strewn about like spaghetti, unable to find the right cable when the muse is singing softly in your ear?

Take back control and Hold It! Hold It puts your patch cables IN your Eurorack case, not beside it!

It comes in two versions: Eurorack-mounted and desktop.

The Eurorack patch cable holder mounts directly into your Eurorack system like a module. The rear panel allows the tip of the cable to protrude through, without the cable falling inside your case. The standoffs we include allow you to choose a plug housing depth of 25mm or 35mm, which will fit most 3.5mm cables. Our Synthrotek patch cables fit perfectly in the 25mm standoffs.

The Desktop version includes wood screws so that you can mount it to your desk, Eurorack case, etc.   

Eurorack Version Features:
  • Made for 3.5mm cables
  • Seven slots, each 5mm wide
  • Can be flipped 180 degrees, so it works for lefties and righties
  • Plug housing depth of 25mm or 35mm
  • 8HP
Desktop Version Features:
  • Made for 3.5mm cables
  • Seven slots, each 5mm wide
  • Two wood screws included

Please note: Patch cables not included. Assembly required. It is not recommended to put Hold It next to a module with a circuit board perpendicular to the panel. 

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