Cheeks of STEEL - 9U w/ Skiff Boats

Cheeks of STEEL - 9U w/ Skiff Boats

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Rail Options
Case Power Blue, 2 Distribution Boards, Brick (+$307.00)
Module Screws
100 x 3mm Screws (+$6.00)
Cheeks of STEEL are made from heavy-duty 12 gauge powder-coated steel. They can be oriented at a steep angle or a gentle angle, and they are super rigid either way - no rear support bracket needed.

This version comes with three Skiff Boats with an option for Case Power Blue, two Noise Filtering Distribution Boards and a power brick.

Dimensions (each cheek): 13 x 15 inches (33 x 38 cm)

Comes partially assembled (the Skiff Boats will be fully assembled, you will just need to attach them to the cheeks).

Not available for free shipping. If shipped internationally, it will be partially assembled due to limits that some countries put on box size. A slight amount of assembly will be required.

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